The Healthy AncestorThe Healthy Ancestor: Embodied Inequalities and the Revitalization of Native Hawaiian
Health. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press, Inc. 2010

“The Healthy Ancestor is an exciting new contribution to Pacific studies and critical medical anthropology. This impressively detailed study reveals the vital connections between Hawaiian concepts of ‘health’ and cultural identity. Taking the reader on a journey into Hawaiian history, then to contemporary Hawai’i and the ‘off-island’ population in California, McMullin convincingly demonstrates the political and economic implications of health inequalities and the need to recontextualise concepts of health within cultural knowledge and Hawaiian identity.” – Helen Lee, LaTrobe University, Australia, and author of Tongans Overseas: Between Two Shores

“Professor McMullin offers a complex and subtle analysis of the intimate relationships among health, cultural identity, and disparities in medical access. Drawing on Native Hawaiian samples in both Hawai’i and Southern California, she provides unique comparative insights into the health perspectives of Hawaiians on and off the Islands. Tackling the difficult issue of what constitutes health as something that goes beyond the mere absence of disease, she argues for health as a sense of well-being that includes not only people’s physical and mental condition, but also their culture. And with Hawaiians, culture is not merely a set of shared and negotiated patterns of interpretations and meanings; rather, it is grounded in their relationship to malama ‘aina, or the care of the land of Hawai’i, that embodies the people, their culture and their well-being regardless of where they are located. ” – Karen L. Ito, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and author of Lady Friends: Hawaiian Ways and the Ties that Define

Confronting Cancer: Metaphors, Advocacy and Anthropology. Juliet McMullin and Diane
Weiner (editors). School for Advanced Research. 2009

“Confronting Cancer offers a highly engaging examination of the anthropology of cancer…. Authored by many of the leading figures in the field, this edited volume moves beyond examination to action, documenting the application of anthropological approaches and insights in the alleviation of suffering among people living with cancer. Thus [the book] exhibits the best of anthropology in its confrontation with the worst of human conditions.” —Merrill Singer, University of Connecticut

“The contributors in Confronting Cancer…ask us to re-examine our stale assumptions and misuse of such concepts as culture, health disparities, and multiculturalism. The book is both timely and relevant for students, researchers, and practitioners who want to help those who feel powerless or misunderstood when confronted by cancer.” —Jenny Joe, University of Arizona

“This stimulating book challenges the oncology professional’s viewpoint on the real meaning behind the provision of culturally competent healthcare. The goals of this book… are threefold: 1-to examine the metaphors of cancer that teach us about our differences; 2- to delineate metaphors that naturalize inequalities; and 3-to contribute to the alleviation of suffering associated with cancer while exposing those perspectives that seek to homogenize diversity…. The contributing authors in Confronting Cancer engage the professional to examine the anthropology of cancer and the application of concepts such as cultural competence, heatlh disparities, and the complexity of diversity within cultural groups.” —Nancy Jo Bush, UCLA School of Nursing, Oncology Nursing Forum, vol. 37, no. 2, March 2010

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Media and Performance

McMullin, Juliet and Christen Marquez. Look to the Source: Intergenerational Talk Story with Pacific Islander Elders. Film short showing – Pacific Islander Ethnic Art Museum, Long Beach California. Showcase for Pasifik Islander Festival May 18 & 19, 2013.

McMullin, Juliet and Anthro 191 Students – Letting Stories Inspire Culver Arts Center April 26 & 27, 2013. Collaboration of Ethnography and Artwork in Illness Narratives.

Invited Presentations (selected)

Medical and Health Humanities at UCR. With Tiffany Lopez. Panel in conversation with NEH Director William Adams. University of California, Riverside. June 2, 2016.

Graphic Medicine, Panel on Narrative Medicine with Emily Rapp Black and Phillip Mitchell. Antioch University, CA. December 14, 2015.

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Graphic Medicine: New Perspectives on Narrative, Illness, and Clinical Encounters. Harvard School of Medicine, Culture, Psychiatry, and Global Mental Health Symposium. April 3, 2015

Storytelling and Community Wellness. Master Workshop. 27th Annual Tomas Rivera Conference. University of California, Riverside. February 20, 2015

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Treating the Chemotherapy Chair: Inequality and the infrastructure in Comics. University of Southern California. Medicine and the Image Conference. November 5, 2014

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