Historical Wisdom

Historical Wisdom Curriculum

This document is the written form of the curriculum with resources, activities, and acknowledges for our Chihuum Piiuywmk Inach/Gathering of Good Minds Team.

Historical Wisdom Podcast

The Historical Wisdom Podcast is a conversation with Native Americans living in Inland Southern California about their health experiences and what health care providers should know about how history affects physical health, well-being, and daily interactions. We focus on the concept of historical trauma in the hopes that sharing this information will turn into knowledge and then into wisdom that can transform the delivery of health care. The Historical Wisdom Podcast is produced by the Chihuum Piiuywmk Inach/Gathering of Good Minds Project, a collaboration between Riverside/San Bernardino Indian Health, Inc. and the University of California, Riverside. Our project is funded by an Engagement Award from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute. The podcast is available on apple itunes, spotify, or google podcasts For more information visit us at https://GoGM.live